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Stories of the Road: Welcome to our Wild Ride

Welcome to Clutch Monkey Moto! It's going to be an interesting journey and we're glad you've decided to join us! Clutch Monkey Moto is about sharing the passion for all things motorcycle and art. Both are driven by passion and the unique culture that they inspire. For riders, the passion comes from the community, the love of the road and so much more! For artists, the passion can come from the desire to express and to connect with anything and everything. 

At Clutch Monkey Moto, we decided to combine the two! Our goal is help artists who love motorcycles and the culture surrounding it a platform to sell their work! We are always looking for new artists who want to be featured or who want to sell their projects! 

A bit about us, Clutch Monkey Moto is a passion project for me. I've been riding for a little bit now but was raised on two wheels by my hero, my dad. He has passed on the wisdom of 30+ years of riding experience onto me and riding has only brought us closer together. As I write this introduction blerb to Clutch Monkey Moto, ride a 1978 Yamaha SR500. We're restoring her to as original as possible!

1978 Yamaha SR500

Thanks again for joining us on this wild ride, we hope you enjoy it as much as we will!

- The Clutch Monkey Team Team

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