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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


As the snow (FINALLY) begins to melt away, and the numerous potholes begin to rear their ugly heads on roads across Canada, it's time to take the pledge. Started by Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (visit them at, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month aims to "help make Canada one of the safest places in the world to ride a motorcycle." They have created a great campaign to get Canadians to take the pledge to commit to Motorcycling Safety!

To take the pledge you can check it out here!

Motorcycling Safety is everyone's responsibility!

Some Great Tips from

Safety tips for off-road riders

  • Wear the right gear: Think about the weather and terrain you’ll be riding in and make sure to wear proper gear including a helmet, eye protection and body armor.
  • Build skills and confidence, take a course: Education and training is available for new riders who want to get into off-road riding or to improve their skills.

Safety tips for on-road riders

  • Riding at night takes extra care: Darkness makes it more difficult for other motorists to see you and it makes it more difficult for you to anticipate dangers. Be extra alert at night and slow down.
  • Wildlife is a fact of life: Wild animals like deer, moose or elk are unpredictable and are especially dangerous when they step out on the road in front of a motorcyclist. Keep your speed down in areas where wildlife are common and if you spot wildlife use extra care.


Safety tips for motorists

  • Check your blind spots: It’s hard enough to see cars and other vehicles when looking in your mirrors, always shoulder check before making a turn or changing lanes.
  • Left turns at intersections are tricky: Motorcycles aren’t always easily visible in oncoming traffic. Look twice and be sure that your way is truly clear before making that turn.

 For more resources check out


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