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How to Discover a Motorcycle Barn Find

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How to Discover a Motorcycle Barn Find

Looking to find a "new to you" motorcycle but you're on a budget? Then you've come to the right place! In this post, we will give you some great tips on how to search for your "barn queen" or "barn king".

The cold hard truth is this, it is not easy to find, let alone buy a motorcycle that qualifies as a barn find. The first step to finding a barn find, is knowing what you are looking for. Then you'll need a bit of luck! In today's world, that can mean finding a posting before someone else does or looking through old postings on used motorcycle websites that haven't been taken down or have been forgotten even by the owner of the posting!

Motorcycle Photo by Tony Lam Hoang on Unsplash

There are those who have been able to travel the world and establish a career out of finding and selling classic motorcycles. For the rest of us, we refer back to the previous paragraph, of getting lucky! However there are other ways to get 'lucky' and it does require some work. That being said, if you are serious about discovering a classic under some old sheets in an old storage locker then keep going.

Of course, there will be the instances where you will accidentally discover some classic motorcycles in places that will floor you, which is why the search can be worth every painstaking moment that your wife or partner accuses you of "wasting" instead of cleaning up the yard or the basement! 

Don't fool yourself, again it can be about being in the right place at the right time as well!

So you're probably asking yourself: "How do get to be in the right place at the right time?" Great question, here's our answer in one word: NETWORKING!

No seriously, networking in the motorcycle world is just as important as networking in any aspect of life. Knowing when a good swap meet is, or the next big ride is great, but it's at those meets and rides where you can meet someone or make a networking connection that can provide you with a tip about a weird lost uncle living in the boonies who has a garage and used to ride!

Now you're probably thinking to yourself, where do I start to build my networking in the motorcycle world? Easy go to as many events as possible! They can range from big shows like the Toronto Motorcycle Show, the Spring Motorcycle Show, OneMoto Show, charity rides, weeknight meet ups like the ones hosted by TheMotoSocial (check them out in your city for upcoming rides), and so much more!

Ultimately, it's all about the hunt which ends with you having some creaking old barn door or garage door slide open and hiding in the back is a familiar shape of a two wheeled chariot waiting to be given life again! 

Often those classic rides will be in poor condition, but that's just the best part about it! Restoring and giving it new life, assuming you are ready to put the time and money into it, can be so rewarding! Especially when it finally roars again on the road! So go out there and discover your barn find today!

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